High Touch, High Quality Monitoring and Support from Building System Experts

Monitor and maintain your facilities by remotely troubleshoot and de-escalating issues with FSG’s team of technicians, engineers and SMEs

Average wait time
90 s
Avg resolution time
11m 30s

We adopt and monitor any existing hardware

We make it easy to get started. We can help be your energy management team in as little as 24 hours.

  • Mediator Mediator
  • BASview BASview
  • NexRev NexRev
  • Automated Logic Automated Logic (ALC)
  • HVAC repair HVAC repair
  • Tridium/Niagara Tridium/Niagara
  • Novar Novar
  • Founten Founten
  • and more And more

Our techs see what your employees see.

FSG techs have duplicate builds, so there's no guessing involved.

Monitor illustration

Our monitoring software works with any system

logo connected
  • Alarms tracked All alarms clearly tracked on SLA requirements and priorities
  • Alarms processed and prioritized Thousands of alarms processed and prioritized daily
  • Work order requests managed Hundreds of calls and work order requests managed weekly
  • New system accepted in 1 to 3 days In most cases we can take on new systems within 1 to 3 days.

FSG’s monitoring service is available for any existing energy management or building automation system.

FSG Technician

Anytime, anywhere

FSG’s support center is fully-staffed with knowledgeable, U.S.-based technicians available 24/7 for anything you may need.

store comfort

Prevent truck rolls

Reduce overall response time and costs associated with locating, dispatching and troubleshooting on-site repairs.

FSG service truck

Maintain store comfort

De-escalate comfort or safety issues remotely to save emergency service dispatches by allowing them to be scheduled during normal working hours.

Common Issues We Resolve

  • temperature setpoints Temperature setpoints
  • lighting and hvac scheduling Lighting and HVAC scheduling
  • ems and bas troubleshooting EMS and BAS troubleshooting
  • lighting outages Lighting outages
  • hvac repair HVAC repair
  • weather normalization Weather normalization

Expertise on Staff

  • hvac technicians HVAC technicians
  • electric controls technicians Electrical controls technicians
  • EMS and BAS system experts EMS and BAS system experts
  • hardware engineers Hardware engineers
  • software engineers Software engineers

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How a Remote Monitoring Team Can Make Your Smart Building Work for You

Monitoring thousands of RTUs, keeping track of temperature alarms across different sites, and addressing lighting and signage issues at multiple locations can start to feel overwhelming.

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