National Beauty Store Chain

Location: Nationwide
Type Of Contract: Energy Controls

FSG’s ability to integrate the latest in EMS technology with legacy systems already operated by the client created the perfect solution for a large nationwide beauty store chain.


The energy team of a national beauty retailer faced a challenge shared by many facility executives: multiple systems of varying ages across a wide portfolio. The team sought an enterprise energy management solution (EMS) that would take this existing variable hardware and consolidate it under one user interface (UI) for monitoring and support. Enter FSG and Clarity™.


“The majority of my day is troubleshooting,” says the company’s energy analyst. “Day-to-day, the repairs team and I use the standard UI for each store. The stores communicate concerns to us about HVAC and lighting. Before Clarity™, when we had different user UIs, we would have to look up a store, see what piece of hardware was installed, log on to that specific UI, go to the store, and then troubleshoot the HVAC or lighting equipment. With the implementation of Clarity$#8482;, the retailer’s energy team can now rely on alarms generated by automated fault detection. Whenever equipment deviates from the team’s specified thresholds, the energy analyst receives an alarm. Our troubleshooting is proactive now rather than reactive,” she says. “Stores no longer come to us and say, ‘Hey, it feels hot in here’; now, I get an alarm saying that a unit isn’t performing to typical capacity. Then I take a look and send a tech out.”