FSG Clarity Services Overview

Keep your energy management and building automation solutions running optimally

Clarity Labs

    Clarity Labs

  • Hypothesis-driven testing approach to protocols, devices, APIs and integrations to create the optimal combination of hardware and software
  • List your constraints around existing hardware or budget and we will make it work
  • On-site audits are provided for complex projects to best understand your needs
Pilot labs

    Pilot Projects

  • Validate our Clarity Labs solution in a real-world configuration at one of your locations
  • Run multiple pilot projects concurrently using different system designs
  • Logistics, programming, and installation fine-tuning in preparation for scaled launch
National Installation

    National Installations

  • Deploy at scale with FSG’s national network of trusted technicians
  • Fast installation of hundreds to thousands of locations with minimal disruption to your business operations
  • New installation, retrofits and mixed building formats included in well-planned national rollout strategy
Enterprise service

    Enterprise App

  • One enterprise console to manage and monitor your entire portfolio from any desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Clarity’s cloud-based console operates outside your company’s network to avoid security and IT concerns
  • Features include setpoint configurations, trend analysis, fault detection, custom notifications.
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Monitor and Maintain

    Monitor and Maintain

  • Prevent truck rolls by remotely troubleshooting and de-escalating issues with HVAC technicians, engineers and ClaritySMEs
  • Setpoint management, schedule adjustments and work order servicing
  • Expert-staffed, U.S. based call center provides 24/7 monitoring and support
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24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

  • Prevent truck rolls by remotely troubleshooting and de-escalating issues with HVAC technicians, engineers and ClariProactive monitoring of equipment operations and device alarms for rapid resolution
  • Local technicians available for timely, on-premise repair of equipment
  • Dispatch trucks as needed during peak and non-peak hours to reduce maintenance spend
Solar Service


  • Survey, design, installation, and commissioning: FSG's in-house engineers and technicians perform all aspects of your new system installation.
  • Keep your system's performance at its best with our maintenance and repair services.
  • Every solar system we install is guaranteed to meet or exceed the projected performance – and ROI .
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