Power the Future with Solar Energy

Build and maintain more sustainable, cost-saving energy solutions

Find out how much your business can save with solar:

FSG guarantees your energy payback!

Utility rate

Hedge against rising utility rates

Energy with little to no maintenance

Decades of energy with little to no maintenance

Government and utility incentives

Government and utility incentives

Social responsibility

Showcase corporate social responsibility

What our solar team can do for you.

Financial Analysis

Economic and Financial Analysis

  • System energy production
  • Project funding (rebates, tax credits)
  • Financing solutions
solar design and engineering

Design and Engineering

  • Site review, survey
  • Structural analysis
  • System layout
  • Full permit and construction set
Solar Procurement


  • Tier 1 solar panels, inverters and racking systems
  • Manufacturer direct
  • Full 10+ year warranties
Nationwide Construction

Nationwide Construction Services

  • Site inspection and preparation
  • Project planning, coordination and management
  • Array and full electrical installation
  • Commissioning and client training

Operational and Maintenance

  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Critical reactive system repair
  • Preventative maintenance

Markets Served

  • education Educational
  • commercial Commercial
  • hotel Hotels
  • hospital Hospitality
  • light Light industrial
  • utility-solar Utility-scale
  • gov Government
  • retail Retail
  • convenience Convenience Store


Lead the Charge with Energy Storage

Pairing your solar solution with flow battery energy storage can help you save even more by shifting energy usage when rates are highest.

  • Maximize efficiency with Solar Maximize efficiency and sustainability
  • Mitigate peak demand chargesMitigate peak demand charges
  • Secure emergency backupSecure emergency backup power
  • Guaranteed solar payback and financingGuaranteed payback and financing options

Wasting money on demand charges?

More than 2.4 million commercial customers could greatly benefit from energy storage. If you live in the areas below, you’re one of them!

solar energy storage

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Solar + Energy Storage:A Winning Combination

Today, solar energy is the most readily adaptable form of power for widespread use. It has minimal environmental issues, and generating renewable energy helps reduce global carbon emissions.

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